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This screening will feature three short films and a documentary in Hungarian with English subtitles. Have a nice Apokalypse! 26 min. Director: David Geczy Pragma 29 min. Director: Bianka Szelestey It will never end 38 min. Director: Barbara Somossy A place to call home 49 min. Director: Witek Ducki

  • Date: 29/10/2023 04:00 PM
  • Location 20 Carlton St., Toronto, ON M5B 2H5, Canada (Map)

Price: C$15



Have a nice Apokalypse synopsis: 

Old man Márton lives in a charming village in the hills, but he doesn't get along well with his fellow villagers. After an accident in the nearby power-plant, he is left on his own in the village, and has to adapt to this new situation. When the villagers return, he may has changed and ready to connect, but do the others accept him? 

Pragma synopsis: 

Pragma is a mother-daughter story set in the course of a day. The repressed tension between Juli and Lili, and the lack of real, attentive love is symbolised by the daughter's inability to eat her mother's cooking. A drama with some absurd. At the core of the dysfunctional relationship dynamics is the grandmother, who raised the mother in a very oppressive way, with difficulty expressing unconditional love.  

It will never end synopsis: 

A romantic drama in the Hungarian plain in the 19th century. A great love between the bandit and the poor girl, however the jealousy of Kitty the tavern keeper can destroy everything. 

A Place to Call Home synopsis: 

This heart-warming, yet bittersweet documentary, “A Place to Call Home” captures the essence of an award-winning program called Students without Boundaries. The program was founded by Canadians for those minorities left behind in east-central Europe in the aftermath of war.