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Hungary, Thriller, 2022, 113 min. Hungarian with English subtitles Director: Péter Fazekas

  • Date: 27/10/2023 09:30 PM
  • Location 20 Carlton St., Toronto, ON M5B 2H5, Canada (Map)



1963, Budapest. A veteran counter-intelligence officer's loyalty is tested by his protégé in a dangerous spy game.


1963, Budapest. Counter-intelligence officer András Jung (Zsolt Nagy) lives a perfect life: he is happily married to Éva (Gabriella Hámori), and the only obstacle between him and his desired promotion is a competitive colleague, Kulcsár (Péter Scherer). When the legendary spy, Pál Markó returns in connection with an unresolved case, twist comes after twist, and so begins a ruthless battle where no one and nothing is what they seem to be, and a single human gesture can cost your life.

Director: Péter Fazakas        Scriptwriter: Norbert Köbli        Producer: Tamás Lajos        Cinematographer: András Nagy        Music Composer: Asher Goldschmidt        

Editor: Zoltán Kovács        Sound Designer: Ervin Stark        Art Director: Réka Hársfalvy        Costumes: Tünde Kemenesi



Zsolt Nagy András Jung        János Kulka Pál Markó        Viktória Staub Abigél Monori        Gabriella Hámori Éva Gáti        Péter Scherer Emil Kulcsár

Production Company: Film Positive Productions Ltd., 


Shooting Location: Budapest, Hungary


Supported by: National Film Institute - Hungary



We lie. To each other and to ourselves. Sometimes on purpose, sometimes unwillingly and not even recognising. The Game is a film of lies, deception and secrets. As a director, I engaged in exploring the sometimes mirky or fragile borderline that separates truth and lies, trust and doubt. I tried to observe how our fears and desires blur and change our perception of reality and ourselves, how they lead to lies that can change our lives forever. I wanted to see and reveal the moments when the heroes of this movie finally get to see the truth and recognise the consequences. 


Péter Fazakas was born on October 6, 1967, in Budapest, Hungary. He is a director and writer, known for Árulók (Traitors, TV movie, 2017), 200 első randi (200 First Dates, TV series, 2018) and Mindjárt meghalok (Short film, 2 min., 2003). He is also an acclaimed commercial director. MORE ABOUT THE DIRECTOR


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